What you need to know about Nestle’s water conservation order

In August, Nestle announced its water conservation program, which would allow users to save up to five percent on water costs by switching to a Nestle-branded filter for their homes.

Nestle claims it will save up a total of $3.8 billion in the next six years through the program.

The company’s new water conservation plan also requires consumers to install Nestle filters in their homes and is designed to reduce the amount of water waste.

Nestlé claims the filters will reduce the number of waterborne diseases and will allow the company to “re-engineer” its wastewater treatment plant to make it more efficient and less polluting.

NestLE’s water plan comes in the wake of a similar order issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission earlier this year that would require Nestle to install new, non-flush toilets at the company’s Seattle-area plants.