Why are some water conservation startups looking to raise $1bn?

An international team of water conservation entrepreneurs is trying to raise a $1 billion to expand its water conservation business.

The Ventura Water Conservation Team, an initiative of the Water Technology Alliance (WTA), aims to develop technology that can reduce the amount of water used by businesses, including those in the energy, transport, and mining industries.

The group is working to raise more than $500 million to expand the business, according to its website.

The team says it wants to use the funds to expand their business, build their infrastructure and hire more employees.

The WTA says the Ventura team’s technology will be used to conserve water from the main rivers, including the Sacramento, San Joaquin and Sacramento-San Joaquin rivers, and to help with other water-related projects.

The teams goal is to use these technology solutions to create a new generation of smart, affordable water conservation products and services that help businesses conserve and reuse water.

The project has attracted a lot of attention, with the project attracting more than 4,000 funding applications and 2,400 applications from interested investors.

The company has also raised over $2.5 million in venture capital funding, including $1.5m from the Venture Capital Council, according the Venturas website.

In 2015, Ventura raised $2 billion in venture funding, according a news release from the company.