When you buy a water bottle, you’re buying a bottle that’s more valuable than ever

Water bottles are getting a whole lot more valuable.

The makers of the popular bottles, Nestle Waters, are rolling out a new water bottle design that has a water conservation feature and will be available in stores from November, the company said on Thursday.

Water bottles are becoming more valuable with every year that passes. 

Nestle has introduced a new design that can help protect our water supply by capturing carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change, said Nestle Water’s CEO, David Lohman.

The new design, called the Nestle Hydrating Water Bottle, has been designed to be less expensive to produce than the standard Nestle bottle. 

Its new water bottles are made from recycled bottles and can be bought from retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. 

Water bottles have long been popular with young people, with a number of studies showing that they can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50 per cent or more, according to The Guardian.

The Water Bottle is made from recyclable bottles, which are recycled by a plant, and then sent to a recycling plant that then converts the recycled material into more sustainable products such as bottled water and ice. 

“We are thrilled to bring this innovative design to the world of water bottles,” Lohmans said in a statement. 

The company is not the first company to introduce a water bag for the consumer market. 

In January, the popular company Anthropologie introduced a bag with an LED light and a compass, which is similar to the popular Fitbit.