How to avoid being tagged in water conservation sketch

A water conservation program in Prescott Valley, Arizona, has been tagged with a red “no water” sign on its side.

The sign has become a tourist attraction at the lake where the water is reclaimed for the resort.

The Prescott Valley Water Conservation Association (SPVA) has been helping the community to remove the sign.

The association said the sign is part of a public health initiative to remove invasive aquatic species.

“Our mission is to educate the public about the dangers of invasive species and educate people to protect our water resources and natural resources,” said SPVA executive director, Tim Bittman.

The group says the sign was removed as part of an ongoing effort to remove “wildflowers, aquatic plants, wildlife, wildlife habitat, habitat restoration, and other natural resources” from the lake.

It’s one of several similar signs in the area.

In September, another sign in the Prescott Valley was removed for the same reason.