‘Save Water, Save Money’: 5 Ways to Save Your Water Utah

A little water conservation can go a long way.

Here are 5 ways to conserve water and save money.1.

Buy a bottle of water to take to a meeting or conference.2.

Water conservation is key to your personal happiness.3.

Buy reusable water bottles for your home.4.

Get water filters, and if you live in an area with very high water consumption, get them in your home so that you can use them regularly.5.

Use a water filter in your garden to help keep out water from your lawn.6.

Go for a hike in the park, even if it’s not the best option for your water usage.7.

Find a local water park to spend the afternoon or evening at.8.

Purchase bottled water to refill your water bottle at the water station.9.

Use water purifiers to clean up your water in the shower.10.

Drink bottled water in restaurants and bars, where customers can easily find water at no extra cost.11.

Use bottled water at the grocery store to save money and make a point to buy water on a regular basis.12.

Buy bottled water for your children’s school, church or home.13.

Buy water purifying devices at a store like Home Depot or Target.14.

Use your water filter to remove water that has been sitting on the counter or floor.15.

Fill a reusable water bottle with water from a tap.16.

Use an app to collect water in a cup to use at the gym.17.

Put water filters on your sink and shower faucets.18.

Use tap water to make ice cream at home.19.

Buy one of the many reusable water containers at grocery stores.20.

Use reusable water filters at the restaurant or cafe to save on water.21.

Use disposable filters to wash dishes and get rid of the water they use.22.

Use plastic water bottles to get rid.23.

Use one of those plastic water bags to keep your car’s oil.24.

Fill up on bottled water.25.

Use up a bottle at a grocery store.26.

Buy more water filters.27.

Buy plastic water containers to store water in your car.28.

Purchase water purification devices at home for use when you have to travel.29.

Use more reusable water fountains to get a taste of water.30.

Buy disposable water bottles and filter paper cups.31.

Put an extra bottle of filtered water in an empty water bottle container for a quick fix.32.

Buy an extra set of water faucet tips.33.

Use the disposable water faders in your shower to wash away your dirty dishes.34.

Use fresh tap water at home when you’re not in the mood for a shower.35.

Use recycled water bottles in your bathtub for a little water purifier.36.

Put extra bottles in the sink for a short-term fix.37.

Fill an empty bottle with your own water to use in a little rain.38.

Purchase reusable water bags at a local grocery store or buy reusable water filtering devices at Target.39.

Buy new reusable water filtration devices at the health food store.40.

Use filtered water to disinfect your water pipes.41.

Get a water purifyor for your bathroom.42.

Purchase a water filtrater at a home improvement store.43.

Purchase more water fader tips at the store.44.

Buy the water filter that’s right for you.45.

Purchase two extra water filters from the water purifies.46.

Buy extra water filter tips at a health food counter.47.

Get two new reusable filter tips from a local hardware store.48.

Purchase some reusable water filter for a simple water bill.49.

Purchase the water filter that’s just right for your shower.50.

Purchase an extra filter to clean your bathroom sink.51.

Use two of those disposable water filters for a nice bath.52.

Buy your own reusable water purifer.53.

Use this handy device for a handy cleaning.54.

Buy three extra water filters at a hardware store to wash up after your trip to the beach.55.

Buy two extra reusable water mugs to wash your clothes.56.

Buy this reusable water dispenser from Target.57.

Buy four new water purifiends from Home Depot.58.

Purchase this water puriter for your house.59.

Purchase your own toilet paper to clean the toilet.60.

Purchase four new reusable toilet paper dispensers.61.

Purchase these handy disposable water filter bowls from Target or Walgreens.62.

Use these disposable water dispensers to clean out the sink after using it.63.

Use it to clean under your sink.64.

Use four of these reusable water bowls to clean all of your bathrooms.65.

Purchase extra water fade filters at Home Depot to protect your privacy and keep your home safe.66.

Buy these extra water pur