How to save water for your water use

Water conservation campaign launched in Dublin city by RTE Irish newsroom article Water campaign aims to encourage people to conserve water sources, including rainwater collection, for the future article Dublin City Council’s water conservation campaign is to encourage citizens to save up to 20 per cent of their household water usage and use a new watering system to reduce water use.

Water conservation campaign will run from October 16 to October 19.

It is one of the first water campaigns that will target the city’s water consumption, with a focus on water conservation and water quality, as well as promoting the city as a water-secure environment.

Water campaigns aim to promote people to reduce their water usage, with water conservation targets to target up to 80 per cent, the water conservation report to be presented by the city council to be published in November.

The campaign will involve a series of events, including a series video demonstrations and demonstrations of the new water-saving system.

Dublin City Council said the water campaign will also have an impact on residents’ lives by reducing water bills, providing water for home gardens and making water available to those who need it.

The water conservation target will include water conservation activities, such as watering gardens, watering gardens for animals and reducing water use to less than 50 litres per person a day.

The City of Dublin is the first city in the country to introduce a water conservation initiative, following similar initiatives in London, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.