How to save water in your backyard

The NSW government has announced a major water conservation scheme, which it says will see water diverted to help people make it through the winter.

The plan, unveiled this week, comes after an unprecedented drought forced the closure of several major NSW rivers in recent months.

The state has also been hit by record low rainfall, which has caused severe flooding across parts of the state.

The NSW Department of Water, which administers water supplies to millions of people, said water conservation will be rolled out over two years.

Under the scheme, people who have lost water will be directed to water conservation centres, where they will be given free water and other supplies.

They will also be able to access bottled water and refill their water bottles.

Under an option that has been extended from one week to two months, those who use the most water in a month will be able purchase water from a supply station for less than the cost of one week’s supply.

Those who can afford it will be provided with bottled water for free.

Water conservation is a key part of the NSW government’s water management strategy, which will see its water supply cut by 20 per cent in the next five years.

Water scarcity was highlighted by a recent report that said NSW had the third lowest water demand in the country.

It said NSW’s water shortages and severe rainfall were a major factor behind the drought.

In addition to reducing water consumption, water conservation measures include reducing demand for electricity and reducing water use from agriculture and livestock.

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