How to save money on water conservation

The world’s biggest water company is set to offer free water and sewerage services in India, where water scarcity is a growing concern. 

The company will also have a network of ‘smart’ toilets and a mobile water purification system that will also work in public water supply.

According to the Times of India, the free services will come to over 3,000 villages in 10 districts in the state of Kerala. 

According to a report in Times of Indian, the company is currently developing an ‘smart water’ system that can identify the presence of sewage and water in the household and automatically divert water for irrigation. 

“This system will be available to the population in a few months.

There will be no upfront cost for this, but the government will be required to provide the water service,” a senior official from the company told the Times. 

It will also offer free sewerage and water collection in areas of severe drought.

The government’s move comes amid growing concern that the scarcity of drinking water is not being addressed properly, as the population has been forced to pay huge water bills.

According in a report by the Economic Times in June, “Nearly half of India’s population is now living on less than Rs 2,000 per day, and there are almost 40 million households in the country without adequate drinking water.

The drought has also forced farmers to seek shelter in makeshift shelters and even those that can afford to have one may not have the money to provide basic needs to their family.”