Global water conservation internship for Indian students

Posted by Google News on November 06, 2018 09:04:06 The global water conservation initiative (GWI) will open up opportunities for India students to work as water conservators, officials said.

The global water supply and conservation initiative, launched by the World Bank in 2016, aims to provide water conservation opportunities for millions of people in the developing world.

Under the GWI initiative, the Indian government has made water conservation a key plank in its economic development agenda.

The water conservation interns will be selected from around the world and given a chance to gain experience and experience in working in a water conservation and water management field.

The students will work in a global water resource management field where they will also learn about the benefits of using clean, sustainable and water-efficient technology and methods in managing water and water resources, said the World Resources Institute (WRI) Global Water Conservation internships.

The interns will work on projects with the aim of securing funding for projects that are water conservative, sustainable, and innovative.

They will also contribute to the WRI’s work on water, land and natural resources.