How Nestle Water’s $30 billion water savings program will be different than many other programs

Nestle Waters North America said Monday that it will begin spending more on conservation this year than any other year in the company’s history.

The company said it has spent $30.3 billion on water conservation this past year, the most ever, and has saved more than half of its water by 2030.

Nestle Waters said that in the past, it would invest in water conservation in three areas of the company, but that it had chosen to focus more on water management this year.

Nesting is spending $4.6 billion on new infrastructure, including $1 billion for a new water distribution system.

Nestle said the new system will be used to improve water quality and improve efficiency of the water system.

Nests Waters North American said that it also will increase the amount of recycled water it uses from 60% to 90% by 2020.