Houston Water Conservation and Conservation Authority’s Chief Executive Officer Fired

Posted July 06, 2019 05:00:53 Houston Water Management and Conservation (HWMCCA) has fired its chief executive officer.

Houston Water Conservation (HHWC) will be holding a news conference Wednesday at 3 p.m. to formally announce the departure of HWMCCAs Chief Executive officer and Chief Executive of Public Services, Mark Kaczmarek.

The news conference will be live-streamed via Facebook and YouTube.

The announcement comes less than two weeks after Kacza said that he is retiring from the HWMCCCAs board.

HWMHC announced last month that it would be reducing its workforce by about 20 percent to help pay for the elimination of the city’s municipal water supply system.HWMHC CEO Mark K. Kaczek, who will step down as the city of Houston Water’s CEO, says his resignation is effective at noon Wednesday.

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Houston, Texas Water Conservation Authority (HWAC)Chief Executive OfficerMark K.

Kaczamiecki, who led the water agency through several challenging economic times, will step away from his position as the CEO effective at 2 p.s.m., said HWMACC spokesperson Sarah Karpel.

He will remain as a member of the HWC board.

In a statement, HWMAC said: “Mark has led us through difficult times and is a trusted member of our board.

He has had the honor and privilege of working with the City of Houston for nearly a decade, and he will be missed by all of us.”HWMAC has struggled to make money during its two-year run since it was created in May 2017.

The board has struggled with financial shortfalls, and the board’s current CEO, Kevin Smith, was appointed to the board in February 2017, two months before the announcement of the resignation.

The board had previously said that the HWA would be able to meet the goal of paying back its loans, but has not been able to fulfill that goal due to a lack of debt payments.

Smith has also been in the news a number of times recently due to allegations of sexual misconduct, including allegations against him of sexual assault.

Smith was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in November 2018, and was arrested in December for allegedly assaulting another woman in July 2019.

Smith resigned from the board after a sexual misconduct investigation was launched.

He was charged with third-degree sexual assault in August 2018 and pleaded guilty to one count of sexual battery.HWCA has made the HOA a target in recent months for its water supply woes.

In January 2018, the board voted to terminate its contracts with the city, which meant that the city could no longer tap into the HAWAC water supply.

The HWA also faces legal threats from a group of landowners who have sued HWA for failing to make water payments.

The lawsuit says that HWMLCA has violated the terms of the contracts and violated the city water plan, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The city’s water plan calls for the HMWAC to make payments on its water debt.

The HWMOC has not responded to a request for comment from Ars.HWA also recently filed a lawsuit against the city over its water quality in the Houston Ship Channel, the water system that provides water to about 20,000 Houstonians.

The water quality has been in “an alarming state,” according to a press release.HWC has not commented on the lawsuit.