Prowler Water Conservation Program in Tennessee sets goal to help save $2.2 billion

Prowlers are small water purification devices used by the state of Tennessee to help prevent water pollution.

But for the last year the state has been working to use the devices to help people reduce water use and save money on their water bills.

The state announced a $2 million grant program in July to help communities install and use the machines, which are designed to filter more than a million gallons of water per day.

The goal is to save the state about $1.3 billion by 2025, according to a release from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The program will help install the devices in communities in the western part of the state, the Tennessee Valley Authority said in the release.

The devices will be used to collect wastewater from water treatment plants and treated agricultural lands and will also be used for the collection of water from urban areas.

The grant will cover about $3.5 million of the $2 billion cost, which is set to be paid back through 2026, the release said.

The Prowel program is one of a handful of projects in Tennessee aimed at helping communities reduce water consumption.

Other programs include a pilot program to save about $10 million by 2025 and a pilot effort to save up to $20 million by 2032.