Australia’s waste water conservation campaign hits a milestone

The Waste Water Conservation Campaign has recorded a milestone of 1,000 signatures to demand action from the Federal Government over water conservation policies, with more than half of the signatures in the state of Victoria.

The petition was launched by the group in December, but has now reached the 2,000 signature mark in time for the Victorian Parliament to begin debate on the topic.

The Government has said it will consider the petition, but it has yet to take any action on the issue.

“We believe that the Government should commit to taking action on water conservation.

This is something that has been long overdue and is something the Government is now taking action towards,” campaigner, Jenny Tarrant, told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“We are really hoping that the Federal government will take action in the first weeks of January and the Victorian Government will also come forward to take action as well.”

It is very important that the federal government is acting on this issue, as it is something we believe the Government could do something about.

“The group says the government has been slow to act on the issues, and is likely to do so when it is asked to make an announcement.

Last week, the Victorian Liberal Government said it was “committed” to protecting waterways, but only if water bodies were required to comply with the Clean Water Act.

But Ms Tarrants campaign group, the Victoria Water Campaign, has called on the federal Government to make action on pollution prevention measures and to establish a national waste water plan.”

This is a critical issue, and the federal Environment Minister is right to ask the State to take this seriously.” “

But the Government’s commitment to water conservation is also an issue of concern to many, as the State has the highest concentration of freshwater in the country.”

This is a critical issue, and the federal Environment Minister is right to ask the State to take this seriously.

“Water Conservation Coordinator, Jenny Trearant, says her group is calling for action to be taken.”

We want the Federal Environment Minister to take concrete action to protect our waterways and water quality,” Ms Trearance said.

Ms Trearances group says a waste water bill introduced in the Victorian state government last year would have required every water body to implement a waste stream management plan and take water management actions to reduce pollution.

It also wants a plan for the prevention of pollution in all water bodies, and a requirement that waste water be treated to prevent it from affecting human health.

If the Federal Parliament does not act, Ms Trearyan says, the campaign is calling on the Victorian government to act.”

Victoria is a world leader in water conservation and the Government of Victoria is committed in making sure that all water users, including those who rely on water bodies for drinking water, are protected,” she said.”

But we need a federal government that is serious about water conservation to do more.