‘Extremely difficult’ to remove algae from water in Japan, study says

Experts are urging the world’s largest producer of bottled water to reduce the levels of algae and remove harmful toxins from its waters to help fight climate change.

The United States, Canada and the European Union all rely on the Tokyo-based Sapporo-based Tokyo-listed Daiso to supply water for their populations.

But the Tokyo Environment Agency said in its annual report published on Wednesday that it had found no evidence that the water from Daiso was meeting its sustainability targets.

The report also found that Daiso has a wide variety of pollutants in its water, including benzene, mercury, heavy metals and pesticides.

Its chief, Akihiro Shimizu, told reporters that it is not possible to remove all of the harmful chemicals, but the agency has taken measures to address the issue.

He said the agency is working on a strategy for water quality in Daiso’s waters.

We are trying to address it as quickly as possible, he added.