How Water and Water Conservation Companies Are Driving Water-Conservation Revolution

Water conservation startups have created a new generation of water-saving water purifiers, and a handful of them have been named by Forbes as the top 10 water conservation startups in the world.

Here are five of the companies listed:AlarmFree: AlarmFree is a California-based water purifier that has raised $6 million to fund development of a small, self-contained water purification system.

The company has already received a $1 million infusion from the National Science Foundation.

In March, Alarmfree announced it would be buying a new $2 million factory in South Korea.

The firm will manufacture its water-based filtration system at the Seoul plant for $1.8 million per year.

AquaWater: AquaWater is a company that provides a water purifying machine at a home or office for less than $1,000.

The machine is designed to use only water and is currently used in homes in China.

AquaWater also is developing a water-soluble filter system that is cheaper to manufacture and can be used at home, according to the company.

Luxus: Luxus is an American startup that is developing an anti-aging and anti-pandemic water puritizer.

The water purizer, which has been dubbed Luxus Water, is designed specifically for skin care and hair care and will be marketed as a treatment for acne, psoriasis, and rashes.

LumiGenie: LumiGeniie is a San Francisco-based company that has a product that is designed for skin-care products.

The device, which is being marketed as the LumiGENIE, will cost $250 for the basic version and $1 at a later date.

Lumo is a technology company focused on water, food, and sanitation solutions.

The group has raised more than $100 million from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, and Sequoia Capital.

Nordic Water: Nordic Water is a water company that operates out of San Francisco, California.

The subsidiary of a German company, Nordic Water is focused on the development of water purifyers and a filtrating system for industrial water purities.

The San Francisco startup is looking to raise $1 billion to develop its product.

It is also looking to sell the product to customers around the world, including in India.

Radiate: Radiate is a Californian startup focused on building a water management system.

Its company is developing the Radiate product, which it plans to sell in the US market.

Radiate also is working on a water filtering product, called Radiate Aqua.

The system uses natural filtrations of water and can remove carbon dioxide from water and create a natural environment for algae growth.

LionEye: LionEye is an Israeli water purifers startup that aims to build a water technology that is used by industries from energy and pharmaceutical to wastewater and agriculture.

The product has been in development for more than a decade.

LionEye’s product is aimed at helping industries to produce more water efficiently.

It uses the company’s patented system to remove carbon emissions from water.

Livage is a startup that focuses on water purified and purified water and water-borne solutions for water and wastewater.

The startup plans to create an affordable water management solution.

Luminisource is a Los Angeles-based startup that builds and supplies high-quality water-purifying equipment to water-intensive industries, including energy, pharmaceutical, and agriculture and industrial use.

The technology is designed primarily for water treatment.

Luminisource currently has a $10 million seed round led by Sequoias Capital, as well as $1M from Andreessen’s Andreessen Fund, and $500,000 from a number of investors.

Sara is a sustainable tech company focused mainly on the design and manufacture of micro-filtration systems.

The founders of Sara’s technology have designed and manufactured a water filter and a water solubility sensor that can be installed in the tap of a water boiler.

Sensa is an international water purificator startup focused primarily on developing water puritization technology.

The team’s first product, the Sensa Aqua, is intended to help businesses reduce carbon emissions in wastewater treatment.

Sensa is looking for a $200 million funding round from investors.

The founders of Aqualift, Aqualit, and Aquarift are raising funds for the first stage of a project to create a water quality and water conservation solution for wastewater treatment facilities.

The project, which Aqualite and Aqualife are jointly planning to start, will seek to create water quality standards for wastewater.

Aqualive has a seed round in its pipeline, with funding coming from Sequoires Andreessen and Kleiner.

Aqualsolutions has received $250 million from Andreas Venture Partners and $400 million from a Sequoieres angel round.