Israel to issue more water permits for water conservation project

Water conservation projects in Israel are expected to receive more water from the national water authority in the coming weeks, as Israel’s water authorities try to combat the growing threat of drought in the country.

Israel’s water authority said Monday it will issue permits for conservation projects to address water stress in the Negev desert and for the installation of water pipes in the southern desert.

The National Water Authority said it will take legal advice before issuing permits for the conservation projects.

The authority said it plans to issue permits by the end of the year for the construction of a dam and irrigation system in the western desert, where water scarcity has caused widespread desecration of water wells.

The water shortages have also led to desert water theft and forced water-users to cut off water to their homes.

Israel began pumping water from reservoirs in the eastern Negef in 2015, as a response to the growing desecrations of water sources in the desert.