Florida water plant orders water conservation measures

Water conservation orders are in place for the state’s water plants.

It’s one of three places in Florida where water conservation orders were issued this week.

The state water system, which includes water agencies in Broward and Palm Beach counties, is required to use 50 percent less water than it does now.

The orders allow water utilities to save money by conserving water by using it less in their water systems, limiting the amount of water they can reuse.

Water conservation was one of the major causes of Florida’s drought last year.

Water restrictions were put in place last year after heavy rains caused a water shortage.

The drought has left more than 300,000 Floridians without drinking water.


Rick Scott says the water conservation order will save Florida millions of dollars by preventing future shortages.

But critics say the orders are little more than political grandstanding, designed to protect political allies.

Florida Governor Rick Scott said Wednesday that the water order will help Floridian families, businesses and people with the need to conserve water.

Scott said the order was an opportunity for Floridans to come together to save their water.

The orders allow the state to increase the use of water conservation by 50 percent and will require utilities to reuse 50 percent of their water by 2019.

Scott said the orders allow businesses to save water.

However, they don’t require them to buy a new system or hire a new person to work in the water system.

In an interview with CNN, Scott said that he does not think that water conservation is a necessity for the economy.

He said the Florida economy would be better served by reducing water use and using the water better.

Water conservation is becoming a larger part of the Florida water system’s business, he said.

“If you look at the economic impact of the drought, it was a huge boon to the economy and I think that was an economic incentive to get the water program in place,” Scott said.

Scott said water conservation was a priority in the recent budget deal reached between the state and the federal government.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order that directed the federal Department of Agriculture to make a major conservation effort in order to conserve federal water resources.

Trump also announced on Tuesday that the state of Florida will purchase more than $200 million worth of water, including $100 million to restore drinking water to Floridias homes.