US to buy $10m of water conservation equipment for the US

Water conservation equipment will be on display at the US pavilion for the World Cup as the country’s government tries to attract foreign investors.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) said on Wednesday it had acquired the equipment, which includes drip irrigation pumps and water desalination units, and will be displayed at the World Athletics Championship in Fortaleza, Brazil, from the start of next year.

“This equipment will help the United States meet its water conservation objectives and we look forward to bringing this equipment to the United State to demonstrate the benefits of water-efficient technology and technology that is safe for the environment,” said DOE Secretary Ernest Moniz.

The department is also planning to buy several hundred other items to help the country meet its sustainability goals.

Water conservation The US has about 1,000 dams and more than 1,500 reservoirs, which are reservoirs and dams in and around the city of Fortaleze, a city of about 8,500 people in the north-eastern Amazon.

The dam at Fortalezas main reservoir is among the world’s largest, with a capacity of more than 200,000 cubic metres per second.

About 70% of Fortales water supply comes from a reservoir that sits on a steep cliff in the center of the city.

Water flows through the mountain valley to Fortalezes main water source.

The reservoir is also used for drinking water for the city, and has a capacity to hold more than 9.5 million litres of water.

The city’s main water supply is from two lakes, Fortalees lakes and Fortaleys river.

The dams and reservoirs are also important in keeping water off the Rio Grande in the US, which flows north into Mexico and is the main water route for much of the rest of the country.

In recent years, Brazil has invested more than $3bn to make sure the country meets its water and energy goals, and the US has made the largest investment in dam building and construction in Brazil’s history.

It is also the world leader in water conservation technology.

US water conservation The first US water desaliniser system was built in the 1970s, and it has since become the mainstay of many water treatment plants and pumps.

The technology is still used to desalinise a vast amount of water from reservoirs in the USA and the UK, as well as in many European countries.

The EPA said the equipment purchased by the DOE was part of a national water conservation program.

“These water conservation units are a crucial component of our water management strategy and a critical part of US efforts to protect the environment and the health of Americans,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.

The equipment, along with water desiccant systems, will be the centerpiece of a demonstration for US officials at the 2017 USAFL World Cup, scheduled to be held in Mexico City from 25 to 28 August.

It comes as the US faces increasing criticism for its water use and pollution levels, particularly in areas like Texas.

It has pledged to cut its water usage by 40% by 2030 and reduce emissions by 30% by 2050.