How Austin Water’s water conservation plans compare with other water cities

The Austin Water Department plans to spend more than $4 million on upgrades to its water conservation systems to save more than 1,400 acre-feet of rain in the next three years.

The plan includes a new, three-tiered water conservation system that’s similar to those in other major cities including Seattle, Austin and Detroit.

The city plans to install water filters at the new water conservation stations to filter out contaminants, but it also plans to implement a “dry” filter to remove water from the ground, which will include filters that can be removed by hand.

The Austin Water Board, which is part of the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources, also plans on purchasing a new water treatment plant, which the city is calling “a natural-source facility,” and a new filter system to help prevent contaminants from getting into Austin’s drinking water.

Water and wastewater systems are also being upgraded to meet the new standards.

The city says it will install water treatment plants and water filters for all of its wastewater facilities.AAP