Why is water in Delhi getting so expensive?

The city of Delhi is getting a bad rap over its water supply.

But water in India is getting even worse, with the government claiming that the country’s population is growing and it’s getting more expensive for the same amount of water to be used.

But a new study shows that there is more to the story.

article The government has long promised to improve the water quality in the capital, but a new report by India’s Water Authority says that while that might be the case, water quality is actually getting worse.

The Delhi Water Authority is looking into whether or not there is a correlation between the population and the level of pollution, which means the number of people who are affected could be even higher than first thought.

According to the report, India’s population growth has been growing in the past few decades, which has meant the number and concentration of people living in urban areas is growing at a rate of more than 30% per year.

India is already a city of more people than anywhere else in the world, and the population growth means that the city is getting more polluted.

India’s pollution is the result of a lack of proper water treatment, which can be caused by many things, including poor sanitation, poor building practices and improper sewage treatment.

According the report’s findings, India is now home to about 10 million people, making it the most polluted city in the country.

A new study by India Water Authority shows that the pollution in Delhi is the worst in the region.

But why?

According to India Water, the city’s water supply is deteriorating due to a number of factors, including inadequate sewage treatment, inadequate drinking water infrastructure, poor management of public toilets, inadequate drainage systems, inadequate sewage management, poor air quality, poor sanitation and the high cost of water.

In the report released this week, Water Authority chairman P.P. Gupta said that the government should make a concerted effort to improve water quality and improve the supply of clean water to residents.

While Delhi’s pollution levels are alarming, the report also notes that India is not alone in the issue.

In India, the country has over 7 million people who live in urban communities, which is more than any other country in the developed world.

But there are signs that the situation in the city of 8.5 million people is getting worse, as the country is now estimated to be home to more than a billion people.

The report also found that the population in Delhi has increased by an average of 5 million people each year, which would mean the city would need an additional 1.2 billion water tanks to supply all the water in the Capital.